MediationIf you want your divorce to be amicable, this does not make you unique or unrealistic and you should consider retaining attorney Susan Z. Wright to represent you in an Uncontested Divorce. More and more couples are utilizing Uncontested Divorces to respectifully dissolve their maritial relationships. Uncontested Divorces are a viable alternative to traditional divorce litigation in Texas.

You and your spouse may have agreed that all efforts to maintain or recapture a healthy marriage have failed, and it is time to dissolve your union, but you need assistance in orchestrating the divorce and navigating the legal process. Many couples, perhaps the majority, are seeking an uncontested divorce. However, the cases that most often get our attention are highly contested, acrimonious, and vicious, which are devastating both financially and emotionally.

Susan Z. Wright is often retained to represent one party, while assisting both parties in finding an agreeable resolution regarding their children and property, without inflaming the situation. Relying upon more than 30 years of experience and skills as a mediator and lawyer, Susan Z. Wright utilizes and expands upon the amicability of the parties in order to reach a final decree of divorce that reflects the parties' joint goals.

Susan Z. Wright welcomes your inquiries about the uncontested divorce model. Susan is a licensed attorney serving Rockwall, Rowlett, Wylie, Plano, Dallas and surrounding cities.


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